FPAW 2019

Seattle, Washington

XDISC Junior World Championships

Attn: all kids under 18
The first xdisc jr world championship is being held in Seattle on October 13th so get your xdisc and start practicing now!
You could be the first xdisc jr world champion.
The xdisc is made so anyone can do tricks like the pros.
Come to one of my free clinics and get your free xdisc! Contact me for date, time and location
For event schedule and registration go to fpaw2019.net
Get your xdisc at xddisc.com
this event is sanctioned by the freestyle players association and will be held in conjunction with the fpa2019 world championships
Tournament director
Frizbee Mike Galloupe
Ph 206-618-4468
Email mgalloupe@comcast.net

XDISC Junior Player Registration

Contact: ryan@smilesair.com